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: What colour is an orange?

Registration entitles you to a number of benefits. Once registered you will have full access to edit functions, tests and benchmark code in real time in your browser and will also have the ability to leave comments in all areas of this website. We're sorry we can't accept comments from you unless you are registered, but we've just had such a terrible time with spammers and vandals when we left comments open to the public.

We try to collect the bare minimum of information from you as part of the registration process. We don't need to know where you live or your mother's maiden name. All fields of the registration form are required except for the URL field. If you don't have a website or email address you'd like to tell everyone then you can just leave the URL field blank. If you don't want to use your real name it won't bother us if you use a fake name or alias. All information collected is made public with the exception of your email address. Your email address won't be directly disclosed by us (although it is possible that one day we have a password recovery feature that could be used to figure out if a particular email address is or is not registered at our site) and we may use it to contact you about your account or involvement with www.jsphp.com.

We verify your registration application with a double-opt-in process. This means that after you register you will be sent an email asking you to click on a link to confirm your registration. We do this to verify that we have a real email address that we can contact you on, which is important to us as it's pretty much all we can do to satisfy ourselves that you're not a spammer.

Thanks for taking some time to register at www.jsphp.com, and we look forward to delivering you some cool and innovative web-based IDE features in your new account.


ProgClub is a club for computer programmers, and we created the www.jsphp.com website. Come hang out with us if you'd like. :)


phpjs.org is the upstream source for the JsPHP JavaScript library that provides the PHP API.


Blackbrick is an Australian technology company that graciously pays to host www.jsphp.com. If you're looking to employ expert JavaScript programmers to help you with your project feel free to get in contact with Blackbrick who may be able to help you out.